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  1. Me again.... just a general question, I don't know where to start. I need to display an image in full-screen size, plus add some simple slide-show features (next image, previous image, popup Exif-data when a link or button is pressed, and similar). Just a link or a reference to one of Larry's great books would help me get started. thanks a lot Matt
  2. Now however I have a new problem. I want to display the thumbnail of the image and the EXIF data on one page. PHP doesn't like it. I can EITHER show the thumbnail when it executes the header statement header('Content-type: ' .image_type_to_mime_type($type)); but then it does not show any EXIF data OR show the EXIF data by commenting out the header staement but then it shows the thumbnail as a series of weird characters, like 1AQaq"2‘¡±B#ÁRÑð3$bár‚’CS etc etc. Any feedback appreciated! thanks, Matt <?php define('MYFILE', 'Avatars\Image17IR.jpg') ; $width = 0; $height = 0 ; $type = '' ; $imgdat = exif_thumbnail(MYFILE, $width, $height, $type); if ($imgdat!==false) { // when the 2 lines below are executed, the thumbnail is shown, but nothing further // when the 2 lines below are commented out, the exif data is shown, but the thumbnail is output as garbage header('Content-type: ' .image_type_to_mime_type($type)); echo $imgdat; $exif = exif_read_data(MYFILE, 0, true); print "<table border=\"1\"><tr><td>Key</td><td>Name</td><td>Value</td></tr><tr>" ; foreach ($exif as $key => $section) { foreach ($section as $name => $val) { print "<td>" . $key . "</td>" ; print "<td>" . $name . "</td>" ; print "<td>" . $val . "</td>" ; print "</tr>" ; } } print "</table>" ; // shows garbage, not the image echo $imgdat ; } ?>
  3. thanks Larry. Works like a charm. For anybody else who might needs this info, here is the section of my php.ini file ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Dynamic Extensions ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; If you wish to have an extension loaded automatically, use the following ; syntax: ; ; extension=modulename.extension ; ; For example, on Windows: ; ; extension=msql.dll , make sure the 2 lines below are un-commented ; extension=php_mbstring.dll extension=php_exif.dll
  4. Hi, I should retrieve meta-data from image (jpg) files programatically in PHP and display them on a web-form. I googled a bit but what I found doesn't make much sense to me. It says something about compiling PHP which is puzzling. I never had to do that. I installed XAMPP in Windows XP that lets me use PHP and mySQL and everything goes smooth so far with the help of two of Larry's books. I never had to compile anything. However in the books there is no reference to EXIF. Does anybody have a link where to start? Or even a book, I wouldn't mind ordering it. thanks in advance Matt
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