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  1. This books is very well thought-out. Love the book. There's this challenge for me: I, too, can not figure out why this does not work. I'm on hmm. 3 hours ish 4 hours ish? On this. :'( I tried searching for white space and have not been successful. function redirect_user ($page = 'loggedin.php') { $url = 'http://' . $_SERVER['localhost'] . dirname($_SERVER['htdocs']); $url = rtrim($url, '/\\'); $url .= '/' . $page; // Redirect the user: header("Location: $url"); exit(); // Quit the script. }
  2. "will make it easier to refer to the variables when printing them" When who is printing them? the browser? and p 14 "To display the value of a variable, you can print the variable without quotation marks:" Meaning, I can ask the browser to print the variable? Or, I can type the variable (key) the variable w/o quotation marks? and then what do you mean by "you can print the variable without quotation marks" I mean-
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