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  1. Hi Larry, I got it working now. The problem was my mysqli_connect.php was in the web root directory, but the ajax/login.php script could not read it from there. Nor could any of the other php scripts in the ajax folder. I changed the path to be require('../../mysqli_connect.php'); instead of require('../mysqli_connect.php'); Surprisingly NetBeans built in Console did not show the error but FireBug in Mozilla did. NetBeans might not be the best IDE it seems. I have really enjoyed your books Larry. Thanks for everything. Chris
  2. I have downloaded the entire auction application from Chapter 15. All my database connections work fine and my application does not throw any errors that I know of, but I cannot login to the site. I have tried different usernames and passwords, but none of them work. I keep getting the error message "The submitted values do not match what is on file" I did however comment out the call to the JavaScript file login.js which contains an AJAX call to another login.php located in the AJAX folder. this allowed me to receive a successful login message, so I know at the very least my application i
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