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  1. I have this stored procedure that has 2 parameters, the first one is the cartId(which is the IN) and I have the newOrderId(which is the OUT). Now, I know that the inCartId is the cart id which will come from the form or whatever means the cart is been access but I don't understand the OUT newOrderId since that is what MySQL will return. Now, in the PHP calling this Stored procedure, it will look like this. $sql = 'CALL create_order(:cart_id, "What will be here")// The cart_id is what PHP will pass to MySQL, but what will be passed to the 2nd argument since does not before hand what MyS
  2. oh sorry Larry for disturbing you as I have grasped the ideas of referencing events after posting. Albeit, I want to know if you have any book written on Phyton?
  3. in chapter 8, larry talks about events and referencing them. I need more examples on how to reference the event
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