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  1. http://www.templates.com/blog/coffee-free-website-template-templates-com/
  2. A friend of my work helpe me... http://www.templates.com/blog/coffee-free-website-template-templates-com/
  3. Please, someone know where is the template "Coffee" related in Chapter 7, page 263, figure 7.11 ? I donĀ“t able to locate in "www.templates.com" and "effortless_ecommerce_2nd,zip"... Thank you.
  4. please where and what exactly is the file available on its website (www.LarryUllman.com) related to chapter 5 of the book where he says he has the SQL commands to populate the database with the pages? * .php files and SQL.SQL that creates the tables I could, but I am not able to locate. (effortless_ecommerce_2nd,zip) Thank you.
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