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  1. Hi,HartleySan,thank you for you help, but please look,if I am doing this right?For example all links <a href="login.php?lid"> <a hrf="forum.php?lid> <a href="post.php?lid> method="get" then <form action="login.php?lid"> <form action="post.php?lid"> method="post" right or error? thanks
  2. Hi,Larry. I have a problem. When I use post.php, the information I enter is not displayed on the webpage, but it does exist in the database. Why doesn't the webpage display information? What is the reason? I don't understand. Thank you for your help.
  3. Hi,Larry PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites:Visual QuickPro Guide(4th Edition)is a process-oriented,PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming:Visual QuickPro Guide(3rd Edition)is object-oriented,is programming oriented already mainstream programming? Can it be mixed with object-oriented? Do you have plans to update the contents of the object-oriented book? Thank you.
  4. Hi,Larry,charter 17 starts,follow your steps,create table languages,create table threads,create table posts,create table users,create table words,and I added username fields,pass fields,email fields in the words table,then insert languages table,insert users table,inssert words tables,create homepage,create register page,there is no problem with this,links can be converted to different languages,just when I click on the link register page,the username fields,pass fields,email fields ,the fields language is not translated. Thank you for your selfless help.
  5. Hi,Larry,i am sorry,i did not a clear question.i want to say that when i choose a language,the username field,email field.. in the login page changes accordingly. Do i need to create multiple independent username tables or set username table field to define? i do not understand,so what should i do? Thank you for your help.
  6. Hi,Larry How are you,I have a problem,when I logged in ,I wantted to change language,but I falied.I used into fill insert into username table,but it was useless,can you tell me why? how to correct it. Thank you!
  7. Hi,If everyone can login,dose the value of table words ,table threads,table posts,need me to enter it??? Do I need to convert other languages myself??? Is not it all done automatically? I always think it is done automatically。is it that i am wrong? Thank you for your help.
  8. Hey!Larry look this URL http://localhost/my.php?lid=1,now i can choose different languages to submit,but the web page content has not changed,i do not why? i can try try...but i still failed.and ithink behind url?lid=1 there should be something else,but i do not know whai it is. thanks you help.
  9. Hi,Larry I have a question about script 17-1.i can not succeed,i think,if you need to log in,the first user needs to selecet the language ID,and then get this lanauage ID,then log in,and then implement a multilingual web site. Is this right? Thanks.
  10. Hi,larry Congratulations on your new book. I have a question,when t try to program myself,I do not know where to start,I am distresed that i can not achieve my idea. Can you give some advice? php programming ideas Thank you for your selfless help.
  11. Oh,Larry Need to click twice,every time i just click once. Thanks Larry
  12. Sorry larry, when I posted a message in the forum,why the message does not a paragraph。 I am sure there are paragraphs before the news is published.
  13. Thanks Larry.I have a question, why the input information does not show the paragraph, I am sure to enter the ENTER KEY.
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