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  1. These are the errors I can point out so far while reading the book. On page 90, the example script on line 14 missing the letter "r" in one of its function. On page 103, the description for image D should be "The HTML source, corresponding to C", not B. On page 128, this might not be an error, but I think I should point it out anyway. The gap between the singe quote used in $var3 is too wide. It can make people think that there's a space between them. empty() function will return true only if there's no space between quotation marks. If it contains a space, then the function will return false. You may want to decrease the gap. On page 135, the operator for assignment, equality, and inequality is wrong. Another things I'd like to recommend: The book is using a lot of functions so far into chapter 6, but the discussion about function itself is on chapter 10. I think it's better to push it to the early chapter. (so does about the array). It's okay to assign predefined variable to a user-defined variable (e.g. $var = $_POST['thing']) to make things easier. I think it's important too, to tell the reader how to use the predefined variable directly without assigning it to a variable first. Note that you might explain this one to the user in later chapter (I haven't finished the book yet). If that's the case, then disregard this point.
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