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  1. Hi, I recently began a freelance web development business. I am still learning. I just bought all of Larry's PHP books. I am working on an ecommerce section of my clients website. I have some step by step videos I bought from Udemy. These videos have a MySQL database that automatically populates products on the main page. When you click on the products a modal window pops up. The modal window shows the same product that you clicked on, and gives you options for quantity, etc. is it possible to program a separate page rather than a modal window that dynamically pulls info from a database? If so, the advantage I see is that you wouldn't have to code or create new HTML to add a new product. You would just add it to the MySQL database and the php would dynamically populate the info on your pages. 2nd question I have, I am trying to learn how to build customizable ecommerce stores as fast as possible (rather than using step by step videos that leave you limited to having basically the same thing the instructor creates). I have all of Larrys PHP and MySQL books. They just got delivered today. An obvious study path would be the php QuickStart then PHP and MySQL, followed by the Effective Ecommerce book. Would anyone have a suggestion of how to expedite the learning process? Are there certain sections of the QuickStart I could skip for this purpose, that may not pertain to ecommerce?
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