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  1. Looking at it again, I think it's the same version that you are using, but just a different link. It's version 1.1.8
  2. Hi Larry, I am using the following version which can be found at: https://github.com/objco/anet_php_sdk It's called anet_php_sdk-master The reason I am using this version is because the link developer.authorize.net/downloads where you said we could download the version you are using on page 325, is obsolete, so I had no choice but to find another link where there was another version. I believe I am using a slightly different version from the one you are using. regards
  3. Upon further research, the problem happens in the billing.php page, specifically at the line: $response = $aim->authorizeOnly(); All my entered values are entered correctly, but when the following class is called in the 'anet_php_sdk' folder: class AuthorizeNetAIM extends AuthorizeNetRequest() and then the following method inside the class is called: public function authorizeOnly($amount = false, $card_num = false, $exp_date = false) { ($amount ? $this->amount = $amount : null); ($card_num ? $this->card_num = $card_num :
  4. Hi Larry, Hope you are well. I have hit a brick wall on page 336 on Effortless Ecommerce 2nd edition. I have written all the code up to this point. The only modification I have made is changing the urls beginning with 'https' to 'http' in the billing.php page eg: $location = 'https://' . BASE_URL . 'checkout.php'; to $location = 'http://' . BASE_URL . 'checkout.php'; and $location = 'http://' . BASE_URL . 'final.php'; to $location = '/final.php'; These are temporary adjustments because I don't have
  5. Hi Larry, Thanks for your response. Very much appreciated.
  6. Hi Larry, Hope you are well. I am having serious problems trying to implement a ssl certificate in order to test the https://localhost/checkout.php page in chapter 10. I am using a macbook pro, and using mamp. I tried created all the necessary files needed to to generate the certificate, but my problem starts when i try and edit the httpd.conf and http-ssl.conf files. In the httpd.conf file i have the following settings: Listen 8888 ServerName localhost:8888 Include /Applications/MAMP/conf/apache/extra/httpd-ssl.conf In my httpd-ssl.co
  7. Hi Larry, I am trying to check, and upgrade mysql databases. I have tried everything, but no luck. When i try and upgrade the databases by clicking the upgrade option, I get the error message: 'mysql_upgrade: Got error: 1045: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES) while connecting to the MySQL server Upgrade process encountered error and will not continue' Qu: I changed the password in the config.inc.php file, but it still won't work. Can you give me a solution to fix the problem, so I can upgrade the mysql databases. Tha
  8. Ok. Thank you Jay. I will try and implement your instructions. Really appreciate you taking time out to reply. regards
  9. Hi Larry, I tried researching but I still don't fully understand the following lines of code on page 68 in the 2nd edition of Effortless Ecommerce: /// Create each menu item: foreach 1. foreach ($pages as $k => $v) { // Start the item: 2. echo ' <li ' ; //Add the class if it's the current page: 3. if ($this_page == $v) 4. echo ' class="active" ' ; // Complete the item: 5. echo ' ><a href= " ' . $v . ' "> ' $k . ' </a></li> ' ; // End of FORE
  10. Also, why do you need to call the config.inc.php file in every page?
  11. Hi Larry, I'm a newbie so please forgive the basic questions On page 60, you wrote the code: if(!defined('LIVE')) DEFINE('LIVE', false); You said if you wanted to allow the live setting to be set on a single page, in order to debug that page, you would write: DEFINE('LIVE', true); require('./includes/config.inc.php'); I don't really understand this logic. If you wanted to debug a specific page, you would write on the specific page, DEFINE('LIVE', true); require('./includes/config.inc.php
  12. Thanks Larry! It sounds like a very tall order, especially for a newbie like myself, but I will definitely give it a go!! No doubt, I will run into problems where I will need your help, but I will exhaust every option before requesting your help! Thanks again!!
  13. Hi Larry, Hope you are well. Regarding the 1st edition of your ecommerce book: I am using the non coffee products concept(on page 198) in my own application because I want the user to be able to see a list of different products like on page 198, figure 8.6, when they choose a particular category. But what I want is for there to be a dropdown next to each individual product , like on page 219, (figure 8.15), that lists the different sizes available for each individual product, and everytime the user selects a different size, the price changes accordingly for that individual
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