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  1. Hi Larry, I just read your book and it was a very pleasant read and exactly the basic understanding of php that I wanted to help me as a web designer. Right now I am trying to make a basic contact form for a website (name, email, phone, message, submit) that will be emailed to the email address I specify. I know you covered a few aspects of working with contact forms in your book, such as validating entries and protecting from malicious users, but I was wondering if there was anything that wasn't covered in the book that I would want to include (I know it is only a beginner's book and couldn't have covered everything). Even better, do you know of any really good "bulletproof" script samples online that I could use as a reference? I figure I don't need to reinvent the wheel with only my basic knowledge of php. I've searched around online and found lots of script samples, but I just don't know who's to trust. I plan to use this script on websites that I am charging clients money for, so I want to feel confident in it Here are a couple of things that I think I want based on what I have found online (please let me know if I have missed anything important): 1-protects against spam (is the only way to do this using Captcha?) 2-validates entries (I read that I should validate it with javascript in addition to php, so that users don't have to leave the page/erase entries if they have javascript enabled) 3-protects from malicious users Here is one sample tutorial I found that uses jquery/php. (http://www.raymondselda.com/php-contact-form-with-jquery-validation/) Here is another basic tutorial on how to validate with php. (http://myphpform.com/validating-forms.php) Any input would be appreciated. Thanks! PS: I plan on getting your new upcoming version of php and mysql. Hope that is going well! I want to learn more advanced php because I am starting to work with the Wordpress CMS. Hey, there's your next book idea! I can already connect some of the dots after reading this book, but a book that specifically breaks down all the php components of the Wordpress core and theme creation for php beginner's would be awesome. I think a lot of designers are in my shoes where we know html/css and are trying our best to just modify the php code in Wordpress as we go along without having a solid grasp of it.
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