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  1. Page 405: "Second, values to be used in the SQL command will be sanctified to prevent invalid queries." Did you mean "made holy" or sanitized? It's funny!
  2. Page 322 step 6. Remove the period at the end of all the error cases since print already has it: print '.</p>';
  3. Some of my fellow students had trouble with file permissions. On the end of page 301 "You may be able to change..." could use a better explanation of how CHMOD works in an FTP client. You must select or highlight the file on the remote server and find the "permissions" option in the FTP menu. Might be a good time to introduce fileperms() so us students know what the "system error" is.
  4. Just a thought... The date() and time() functions are easy for beginners to grasp and could be introduced earlier in the book (Chapter 4?) with programs to calculate a person's age or elapsed time to solve a math problem.
  5. Be aware browsers like chrome stubbornly hang on to cookies, so you may have to manually clear cookies if your script doesn't seem to work.
  6. Page 254 Script version should be 9.3 setcookie(... on page 254 only has 4 parameters. setcookie(... on the bottom of page 255 has 6 parameters
  7. Page 239-240 To write welcome.php Step 3 leaves off all the code on page 240
  8. Page 240 and others It is now being encouraged to use SSL on all sites, so hard-coding a URL with http:// may cause issues if it is https:// and vice versa depending on the server behavior (and in case the SSL expires). I'm sure you can suggest ways around this.
  9. Page 238, Script 8.13 Is there a reason } else { // Incorrect print '<p class="text--error">The submitted email address and password do not match those on file!<br>Go back and try again.</p>'; } is shaded? We weren't asked to change anything there.
  10. Page 235 Script 8.11 continued <!-- BEGIN CHANGEABLE CONTENT. --> <!-- BEGIN CHANGEABLE CONTENT. --> is shown twice
  11. Page 229, Script 8.10 continued $body="Thank you, {$_POST['first_name']}, for registering with the J.D. Salinger fan club!'."; Should be $body="Thank you, {$_POST['first_name']}, for registering with the J.D. Salinger fan club!"; (remove the extra '. at the end
  12. Page 204, step 11 Create a folder named css within... This should be CSS Page 205, step 12 ...downloadable code, in the css directory. This should be CSS Page 206 might be a good place for a TIP reminding us that the case of the folder must match the code. CSS will work in your examples while css won't.
  13. The image of PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide (5th Edition) by Larry Ullman on your website Does not match the cover of the actual book. incorrect correct
  14. One more... Design uses <a href="https://concisecss.com/">Concise CSS Framework</a> Should probably include target="_blank" Good design practice dictates not leading users away from your site.
  15. I thought I'd list minor misteaks as I find them. page 88 Script 4.5 <?php //Script 4.3 - handle_calc.php should be Script 4.5 Page 135 Equality and Inequality operators should be == Equality and != Inequality Page 135 Decrement should be -- Page 135 Assignment should be = Page 135 add ** for Exponent and === for Identical I'm on chapter 8, maybe I'll go back and find more. Page 197 top right, step 7. I believe the tag should be </main> not </div>
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