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  1. Dear larry, I was wondering that is it possible that single PHP script contains 2 or more MYSQLi_STMT objects?.
  2. Thank you sir for prompt reply. I am using xampp and changed confing.inc.php file earlier i used define('BASE_URL', 'http://localhost/ecommerce1/'); i had replaced above line with define('BASE_URL', 'localhost/ecommerce1/'); and voila... it worked. as our defined function redirect_invalid_user($check='user_id', $destination='index1.php', $protocol='http://') is also adding http:// Thanks larry for help. You are awsome
  3. Dear sir, First of all i am big fan of your work. i purchased almost all your books on PHP and MySQL. I am post graduate doctor (MD - Biochemistry) from India and by reading your books i created intranet based 'laboratory information system' for electronic blood lab reports. i Have one confusion in your logout.php script (chapter - 4). -> what is the need of require(MYSQL); line???? without this line also this should work fine. Edit: Immedietly after posting above question i realized that MYSQL is required as content in sidebar needs it to query the database. But i have new confusion as mentioned below When i log out and redirected to index.php. but when i refresh that logged out page i am being redirected to http://http//localhost/ecommerce1/index.php and of-course this address is wrong so my browser displays server not found error. Thank you
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