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  1. I have studied php introduction and php advanced object oriented programming, Was able to get my hands on small projects such as building small websites, Buiding forums. I will like to know which project book is the best php project book guide to guide developers on building dynamic applications(such as social media platforms, educational platform, online libraries...etc) using php. Which is the best with detail and straight forward explanation.
  2. Hello, i'm new to javascript and currently in a bootcamp course to become a software developer. that being said there are a lot of new ideas that have been thrown at me in the past couple weeks and i'm having trouble completing our assignment for the week. I've been tasked with creating a site that takes an input and pushes it into an array and when a button is clicked that array gets made into a card that houses a name, a hogwarts house and a button. the button on these cards needs to be able to delete the card that the button is on. I've been able to do everything up until this point. i.
  3. Hi Larry my name is sam can i first start by saying i absolutely love your books. i am currently working on a project where i have built the php side of things and now working on enhancing using javascript. i am adapting your script from your Modern javascript develop and design book on chapter 15, (view.js). But the problem i have is my php script loops through the database to show results and i am trying to pass the id of the data, like you do in your view.php script to the view.js script with, <script> var itemId = ' . $itemid .'; </script> BUT i have a while loop on t
  4. I have surf the web but still don’t find an explaining tutorial on how to use either google map or php google map to automatically detect the location of a user. This is what I want to achieve, during registration, a user current location will be extracted using either the js version of the map or the php version(depending on the one I saw a good way of using it), and extraction, the current town or city or village with also the country. Who can really put me through on how to use any of the above library
  5. (Using the example in Modern javascript) Am trying to submit data for processing and insertion into the database using php but it could not work and I don't why and these are the steps taking so far. 1. Using php alone, am able to insert data into the database an d this is the php code. <?php try { $linkas = 2; require_once 'db/DBConnect.php'; $errors = []; $good = true; if ($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST' && !empty($_POST['testimony'])): $testimony = filter_input(INPUT_POST, 'testimony', FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING); if (strlen($testimony) < 20): //report error and do
  6. Hi I'm trying to find out 2 things, 1) how to pass a button value that comes from mysqli while loop to javascript then on to Ajax script. 2) how to pass a php array on to javascript and then onto the Ajax script. I will be really grateful if anyone could help. many thanks sam
  7. OS: Windows 7 php version: 5.5.8 (running on EasyPHP Dev Server 14.1 VC11) Browser: Firefox 40.0.2 (same results in Chrome and IE) I am having problems with the show_image script in chapter 11. When I select an image from the list it opens a popup window of the appropriate size but with no image. In firefox I get the error message: 'The image ""cannot be displayed because it contains errors.' When I use the Web Developer menu to View Response Headers all is as expected except that it lists Content-Length: 0. I commen
  8. Hi Larry. I have a problem with this script. The table show me files list correctly with name and size. When I click on link popup appear perfectly resized but no image was loaded. Popup show a copy of show_image.php resized. No errors on firebug. If I change: var url = "show_image.php?image="+image; with var url = "upload/"+image; everythings works fine. any suggestions? Sorry for my english. Greetings Cecchi Luca
  9. Hello, I have PHP file (file1.php) asking for a date: echo '<form action="charts.php" id="form_chart_date" method="post"> <div id="form_chart_date"> <p>Please select date. </p> <p><input name="date_looking" type="text"> <input type="submit" value="Display data" name="display_chart"></p> </div> </form>'; After submission file1.php handles the process but there is reference to JavaScript file which reads PHP generated JSON file. JavaScript file looks like: (document).ready(function() { var date = "<?php echo json_encode($
  10. I have bought and read larrys php for the web 4th edition, and php and javascript. I am having trouble with the example in chapter 11 of php and javascript .. accessing a javascript function form inside php. can somesone send me an email so I can describee the problem. I spend all morning typing the question in notepad but for some reason I cant copy/paste it to forum box .. tried ctrl/c-ctrl/v .. edit-copy/edit-paste .. right click copy/paste .. nothing works at 73 with arthritus in my hands, if I try to type is again it will contain typping errors. jerry gentry .. www.wa0
  11. I have used a couple of your books extensively to develop a couple websites. I don't recall seeing the following topic covered. On my current project, I need my users to be able to locate and open a spreadsheet, word, or pdf file that is located (via an in-common cloud server) on their individual, local desktop computer. I don't want the file to open within the website, but instead the spreadsheet file, for example, should open via the software on the desktop, thus allowing the user to be outside of the website and edit or view the file, and then resave it on the desktop (via the cloud ser
  12. Hi, My product page (output) in HTML is something like this: ProductImage1 ProductImage2 ProductImage3 ProductImage4 Color1 Color2 Color3 Color4 Color2 Color5 Color6 What I'm trying to do is when I hover my mouse over any color above, an original (main) image of ProductImage will switch to another image (to match the hovered color). And that original image will be back when the mouse leaves. Example: http://jsfiddle.net/4dK2x/27/ I also added another hover function on ProductImage
  13. Hi, I am reading this book at second time. At advance Event Handling section, I am confusing about the statement that describes 'return false' vs 'e.preventDefault()'. At page 290, Larry writes 'On any browser that supports the addEventListener() method, event handlers will automatically receive a single argument, which represents the event that occurred. I think the single argument is event object, right? At page 298, 'For browsers that don't support the addEventListener() method, an alternative way of preventing the default event behavior is to invoke the preventDefaut() method o
  14. I am developing a Spanish language learning app and having trouble with the text input in the upper right corner. http://www.unlockspanish.com/ Previously the app was done in Flex, and it has tying functionality which is more enjoyable to use than the current javascript version (above link). http://www.unlockspanish.com/FlexApp/ Notice if user types a word in FlexApp box, for example, print in dictionarry, the drop down display box continues to display other words that do not match this string. The typing function always forwards to a word on a list, and displays adjacent
  15. Hi Larry, After moving along through the chapter, I had a generic question. For the calculator.js and calculator.html, should my webpage still run even though I do not have calculator.php linked to the HTML? The code is exactly how the book laid out, but when I attempt to test the calculator in a browser and press "Calculate!" I receive a message that calculator.php does not exist and the request cannot be completed. In essence, my question is "Is there something in the browser (Mercury Firefox) that is not loading properly or installed?" or "Does the HTML need both the php and J
  16. Hi, I wasn't sure whether to post this in this forum or the "Modern JavaScript" forum so apologies if I've got it wrong. I am trying to modularise a website that is already in production and works fine, but the modularisation approach in chapter 2 looks very appealing. In one part of the website I have the index.php 'controller' module which includes other modules on a one by one basis as needed. The structure of index.php is as per chapter 2 of the book. Every time the index.php module is invoked, I include header.inc.htm which has within it an invocation of a small JS routine wh
  17. Hi, I have a question about Creating Modal Windows example... Quote: If I remove the following lines (altogether, all three lines): In function openModal(): document.getElementById('openModal').onclick = null; In function closeModal(): document.getElementById('openModal').onclick = openModal; In function closeModal(): document.getElementById('closeModal').onclick = null; so that the new code looks like this: everything works well, there are no errors. I don't understand why there are these three lines? Thank you in advance!
  18. Hi, I am using this extension to display the google map in my page. And i have a text field that have been adding dynamically. I want to display the text field values in the google map. How to pass the text field values into the google map functionality. view.php <div id="map_section"> <div class="country_travell" style="background-color: #F8F8F8"> <?php foreach($countriesTravelled as $i => $countryTravelled) { $isCloseRequired = ($i==0) ? false : true; $this->renderPartial('_country_travelled', array('countryTravelled'=>
  19. Hi, again. One more question: When I select a primary category from first <select> menu, the ajax response return and fill the sub category data into second <select>menu. When this happen, I expect the second <select> menu will automatically call ajax object to retrieve corresponding product data. However, it doesn't work that way. When the second menu loads, it doesn't do anything unless I expand the menu select a option, then it will retrieve the product. I realized that the reason being is I have only one event 'onchange' assigned to the event listener. So I modif
  20. Hi, here is another problem I would like to get a hint or some thought of it. I get a group a datas from ajax response that I would like to append them into existing product listing. // ajax response that I want to inside into the product listing page <div id="category_thumbnail"> <a href="product_detail.php?pid=<?php echo $products['product_id'] ?>"> <img src="<?php echo $products['file_url_thumb'] ?>"><?php icon($products); ?></a> <p class="p_sku"><a href="product_detail.php?pi
  21. I have been making a menu to select primary category and ajax returns the subcategory. when I picks an option in subcategory category, the ajax then return the products under the subcategory. So far so good those steps do works. My next step is to click a specific product that is returned by Ajax response and have it calling ajax again to update its newsletter setting in the product DB. The problem here is that I am not able to select the product. Each product_sku have a <p>tag with a class "add_small". So I want to know any possible solution to deal this situation. thanks.
  22. Hello All, I have an app underdevelopment, that can be seen here. I am posting with a question about the listbox that is seen in the column along the left side. This box displays different spacing on different browsers. On Firefox there is a large spacing between lines (about 1/8 inch gap between each line). Very nice appearance. However on Chrome, Safari and IE, there is almost no gap at all. The result is the listbox looks very crowded. I would like to check here with the forum if there is any options availble to adjust spac
  23. Hi Larry, I really enjoy your book, but I am having trouble viewing my image after clicking on it. When I comment out the failsafe> unavailable image, I receive a block of code <br /> <font size='1'><table class='xdebug-error xe-notice' dir='ltr' border='1' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='1'> <tr><th align='left' bgcolor='#f57900' colspan="5"><span style='background-color: #cc0000; color: #fce94f; font-size: x-large;'>( ! )</span> Notice: Undefined variable: image in C:\wamp\www\Website\show_image.php on line <i>38</i></th>&l
  24. I'm learning from various sources and can usually puzzle out what's going on, but this has me a bit stumped. I came across this code at http://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?224180-JQuery-how-does-it-s-insides-work: function X(css){ //dom utility //a couple of node harvesters, using id and tag name... function el(id){ return document.getElementById(id);} function tags(elm){return document.getElementsByTagName(elm);} //collect output: var out=[]; if(css[0]=="#"){//id out.push(el(css.slice(1))); }else{//tags out=out.concat([].slice.call(ta
  25. Hi everyone, I am really enjoying your book Larry, thanks. My problem is I am on the page where you use the header function and javascript to display the images from the uploads folder. I have one picture and for some reason when I click it, it does nothing. Would anyone care to look at my code or give me some hints as to why it is not working? I have tried the following: Compare my code to Larry's code Used Larry's code Enabled pop-ups Moved the javascript folder to a different location (a folder above and then changing the a href to ../javascript) images.php <!DOCTY
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