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This Month, Last Month, This Year Query

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Hello Nice People,


I am looking to create some mysql queries to display the following


I can correctly display today's registered users

Select * FROM users WHERE date(registered) =date( curdate() );


and Yesterday's registered users

Select * FROM users WHERE date(registered) =date( curdate() -1);


but how do I do the following


registered this week


registered this month


registered last month (not last 30 days)


registered this year



Thank you

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I have read though the date and time functions in the mysql pdf but still must be missing something I have been looking at http://forums.devshed.com/mysql-help-4/select-date-sub-of-today-yesterday-last-month-etc-531528.html where someone appears to be doing a similar project but appears to be going about the wrong way about it.



For example If I wanted to display the fields relating to last month, this year I assume I would be connecting now(), month(), and Year() functions together. How would I do this ? does anyone know of a weblink showing examples like this and or would anyone be kind enough to write an example of how this could be written?






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Okay, for the "last month, this year", I assume you mean the previous month. If so, the current month is MONTH(NOW()) so the previous month is MONTH(NOW())-1. You'd want to factor in the year (so you don't get, say, January postings of any year):

SELECT * FROM users WHERE MONTH(registered) = (MONTH(NOW()) - 1) AND YEAR(registered) = YEAR(NOW())

That will work for 11 months of the year, but not January, so you'd have to factor that in using an OR clause:


(MONTH(registered) = (MONTH(NOW()) - 1) AND YEAR(registered) = YEAR(NOW()))
(MONTH(registered) = 12 AND MONTH(NOW())=1 AND YEAR(registered) = (YEAR(NOW()) - 1)

I *think* that will work. The first conditional is where the month is the previous month and the year is the same year. That would work for February - December. In January, the years wouldn't match, so the second clause wants the registration month to be 12 and the current month to be 1 (January) and the registered year to be last year.


Let me know how that works for you.

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