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Simple Call From Windowed Application To Php


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Hi Larry,


I feel that I am being a bit of a pest with this one but it is driving me crazy!


I have the simplest of calls to a small PHP routine which returns a simple string. Here's the PHP code:



if ($_POST['dirIn']) {

$dirin = $_POST['dirIn'];

echo "$dirin";


else {

echo "Unidentified request";




The (part of) flex code is:




<s:HTTPService id="service"



























protected function service_resultHandler(event:ResultEvent):void


processingStatus.text = event.result.value;



I am experiencing two problems - firstly the request dirIn bind won't bind the data which is in a form element (I checked, and a string with the value I want is there). How else can I pass the data to the PHP script?


Secondly, the result handler seems to work OK - via debug I can see the value of "Unidentified request" in the event.result from the debugger variables with the status code being 200. But I get an error message when I try to put that into the form text area.


These are probably obvious and simple problems but I can't figure out the corrections.


Any assistance will be mightily appreciated.


Thanks in anticipation, Necuima.

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Hi again, Larry,


After more googling and quite a bit of trial and error, I have solved the two problems listed above.


I made a new variable to contain the native path of the input directory and declared it to be bindable. Then in the HTTPService I changed the parameter to be that variable's name. That works A-OK now.


In the result handler, i just type-casted the event.result to be a string, and now that works A-OK too.


The learning continues...


Cheers from Oz, Necuima.

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