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Flex 4, Flashbuilder And Jpeg Encoders

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Hi Larry,


I thought that I'd post this in case anyone else wants to try JPEG encoders within the Flex 4 framework (I have been using FlashBuilder 4.6).


In a nutshell, I found 3 encoders that I managed to get working:


1. The standard Actionscript 3 encoder

2. A vector-based version of the standard encoder by Thibault Imbert (http://www.bytearray.org/?p=775) (though apparently that site was hacked yesterday).

3. An Alchemy encoder from Jens Kraus (http://www.websector...-using-alchemy/)


In my environment, the Alchemy encoder was the best by far, though not quite as good as PHP/GD in image quality, but not too far behind.


Again, in my environment, the Alchemy encoder is also very fast, about 5 times as fast as the standard encoder, and 4 times as fast as Thibault's, for similar image sizes.


For what it's worth!


Cheers from Oz.

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