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Squiggly Bracket Question

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I am using PHP version 5.3.2 on Windows 7. I have a question pertaining to brackets. (), [], {}.


On page 385, the edit_entry.php script, line 51


// Define the query.


$query = "UPDATE entries SET title='$title', entry='$entry' WHERE entry_id={$_POST['id']}";


Why is $_POST['id'] encased in squiggly brackets? Elsewhere, line 41 and 42, for example, the $_POST['title'] is encased in simple ().


Does the fact that the variable is being passed through the URL have anything to do with it?


Or the fact that the entire SQL statement is enclosed in double quotes, thus requiring the "extra strength" squiggly line encasement?


Thank you in advance for your answer.

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There's a big different if it's a String or an expression. You don't use squiggly brackets in an expression, but they are sometimes required with Strings. (Like when creating this SQL query String). Also note that


Use your IDE to figure it how it works


Personally, I would prefer to write the string like below, but that's just personal taste.


$query = 'UPDATE entries SET title="'.$title.'", entry="'.$entry.'" WHERE entry_id='.$_POST['id'].';

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