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Hi larry,


I love your book, specially PHP for the world wide web(second edition). this is the first book where i learned about PHP and Mysql.

its easy to learn and follow, the codes are clean and well presented in the image.


I love the Blog Creating section.

The problem im having is it doesn't have a pagination guide.

can you help us with that, and can you base it with the code you have on the book.

or anyone in this forum can help me.


Thank you for your help.

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Hello Wheay,


PHP 6 and MySQL 5 has an area that covers pagination. Larry is writing the 4th edition of this so if you do want a copy, probably best to hold out till it's released. The book is very good from start to finish and would be great supplement to your reading. The question is do just want a pagination script or do you want to learn about how to do it and understand it? If you just want a script then you can find them online. You can also make a go of it yourself and report back with your code and people will help you. If you fancy that then these are some things you should think about for making the script.

- how many results are there?

- how many results do you want to display per page

- therefore how many pages?

- what page are you on currently


+ more but that's enough to start if you do want a go yourself

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