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Using $_Get In Chapter 8 - Creating Web Applications

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Ive been using what Ive learned this book for a long time now but Im stumped on something.


I have a situation where I can not use a drop down list so I was going to use a links instead.


link: href="index.php?p=performances?performance=Life_After_50"


Im stumped as how to handle this code.


In the index.php page I see the code:



//Validate what page to show


$p = $_GET['p'];

} else if( isset($_POST['p'])) { //form

$p = $_POST['p'];

} else {

$p = NULL;



But how does the page get redirected back to the performances.inc.php to access the performance variable data Life After 50?

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It needs to be "index.php?p=performances&performance=Life_After_50". The performances.inc.php file can then access $_GET['performance'], which will have a value of "Life_After_50".

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I had just found that missing & right before you posted.


It never fails. I can look for hours and as soon as I ask for help - I see the problem.

But, it still wasnt working so it def helps to spell things correctly HAA


Thanks Larry.

Much appreciated - as usual :D



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