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I tried to back up my computer only to find that the backup failed because there were encrypted files on it. The list of files included many like these:

C:\Dreamweaver Manual\extracted\ullman books\phpmysql4_scripts\phpmysql4_scripts\.DS_Store
C:\Dreamweaver Manual\extracted\ullman books\phpmysql4_scripts\phpmysql4_scripts\README.txt
C:\Dreamweaver Manual\extracted\ullman books\phpmysql4_scripts\phpmysql4_scripts\sql.sql
C:\Dreamweaver Manual\extracted\ullman books\phpmysql4_scripts\phpmysql4_scripts\ch01\comments.php
C:\Dreamweaver Manual\extracted\ullman books\phpmysql4_scripts\phpmysql4_scripts\ch01\concat.php
C:\Dreamweaver Manual\extracted\ullman books\phpmysql4_scripts\phpmysql4_scripts\ch01\constants.php
C:\Dreamweaver Manual\extracted\ullman books\phpmysql4_scripts\phpmysql4_scripts\ch01\first.php
C:\Dreamweaver Manual\extracted\ullman books\phpmysql4_scripts\phpmysql4_scripts\ch01\numbers.php


And lots more all with ullman books in them. The only reason that I can find is that I have a copy of one of the Ullman books downloaded into my Amazon book reader. I cannot therefor back up my system. The backup is more importamnt than the book content now, but it would be good if I could keep both the code and do a backup.

Does anyone know how to fix this please?

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It's possible the .DS_Store file is being read as encrypted, although I'm pretty sure it's not. Just delete that file and try again. Every other file you reference is a plain text file that's definitely not encrypted.


My apologies for the confusion with that. 

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