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Possible To "push" An Update To A Browser?

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I wrote a script for displaying a digital taplist at my brewery, and a script for updating the taplist. The update script simply pulls the info for each beer from an existing database table (or if not in the database the beer info is entered in a form on the update page) and inserts the info into a table for the taplist. The display script retrieves the data from the taplist table and formats and displays it.


It works well, but currently, after entering an update, the operator must manually refresh the browser displaying on the screens in my taproom. It would be nice to eliminate that step. I know I could have the display screen auto-refresh, but I don't want to do that for aesthetic reasons. People spend considerable time reading the screens and having it refreshing at regular intervals would be annoying.


Is there a way to trigger a refresh in the clients browser when an update is made?



Brad Ginn

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