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Each User Should Access Only His/her Data

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Dear All,


Dear Mr. Larry Ullman; first of all, I would like to thank you for writing great books about PHP/Mysql. I learn a lot of off and hopefully in the future you will keep writing great books about PHP/Mysql


Currently I have one question, which was not handled/mentioned in edition 4. I have created a simple CRUD application and users/students are able to login and to register some stuff about their books/tasks. So far this is working great, but what I accomplish is that whenever a logged in user insert any data to mysql database, that this data should be owned by him.

What I mean by this is that any logged in user should be able to insert/edit/delete and search his only data and not what others inserted/edit any data.


I already searched for a solution, but till now with no luck unfortunately.

I have found the following url: https://www.sqlmaestro.com/resources/all/row_level_security_mysql/ which is explaining exactly my requirement for my crued application, but to be honest I don't understand it complete and it doesn't show how to integrate with PHP.



I hope to receive some valuable feedback.


Many thanks.

Best regards,



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Thank you for the nice words. I really appreciate it! As for your question, the short answer is that you store every record with an author/owner ID which is a foreign key to the user. So if a piece of data might be "event", you'd just have all the event data plus the author/owner ID. Then you'd check the author/owner ID based upon whatever vision you use for data access. Let me know if that still isn't clear.


And thanks again for the nice words!

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