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 Page 228, sending email, register.php, i am getting error/warning as:


 Warning: mail(): SMTP server response: 553 We do not relay non-local mail, sorry.


​what do I have to do? its from this line:

mail($_POST['email'], 'Registration Confirmation', $body, 'From: admin@example.com');


how do I enable mail? I checked Appendix A, but its not clear.

 I had installed Mercury along with xampp for windows ..

 please help..I am almost done, if I get this I can complete last chapter 13 and then go to next book!. 


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On page 231 for the Registration Form, why it added for the password?  This does not make a sense to me.


2nd question, I submitted the form on my Firefox browser (iMac).  I do not receive the registration email in my email box after the submission. 


Then, I changed the address from  admin@example.com  to my email address  in the source code (register.php).    I did not get that registration email, too.


The result came out with no error as the exact result on page 226 (not 231).


In short, I ran the XAMPP as a server.

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For the email, I assume you don't have a working mail server installed. Search online for how to do this with macOS and XAMPP. For the registration form, could you please elaborate on what doesn't make sense? I'm not following what you mean by "why it added for the password". 

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I restarted my iMac today.   My program for the register (8.9) seems to be working fine.  I don't know why that happened.  I am sorry that you do not have an iMac.  I am kind of wish that you could test on both machines so that it would save our time and move on other programs.


On page 231, I typed the incorrect email address on the Email Address box, and it showed me the red color box that tell me that I have to correct it.  "Please enter an email address."  That is good one.  (It will not show "Please try it again.") 


So, I entered my own email address.  Am I expecting to get the email?   Beside, my Apple Mail and XAMPP work fine.


Off subject, what should I put a code for the left margin?  The sentences are on zero margin on the left side that need to move to maybe 10.  I have the same problem with my programs.       ....Please consider to add an edit icon on your word processor on the website  so that I could fix my comments, pictures, and same thing for other people's comments, too.



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I fixed my problem on page 234 and 235 because I put the Script 8.11 and 8.12 together in 8.11 (even in the past pages) that was not supposed to be that way.  Now, these scripts are separated now.  The result for the books.php looks good and proper setting (margins) except "Design uses Concise CSS Framework" and the date are still on the zero margin on the left side page.  I cannot figure it out.


I did not understand you which one should I execute the file such as login.php, register.php ,or index.php.  You did not mention the books.php on page 236 which I finally found the right file that matched the picture in the book.  ;)

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For the footer.html:


<!-- Script 8.12 - footer.html -->
    <foot container class="siteFooter">
        <p>Design uses <a href="http://concisecss.com/">ConciseCSS Framework</a></p>
        <p class="float-right"><?php // Print the current data and time...
        // Set the timezone:
        // Now print the date and time:
        print date('g:i a l F j');
</html><?php // Script 8.12 - footer.html #3

// Send the buffer to the browser and turn off buffering:

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I am on page 240 (Chapter 8).  My Login Form said that my email address and a password is not correct - I have to go back and try it again.  So, what is the problem?


(A)  The login form... is fine.

(C )  Login Form error is fine.

(D)  I don't see the result like "Welcome to the J.D. Salinger Fan Club!" due the email and password are not correct.

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