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I am sorry, Larry, I have to ask yet another question.

I ran the 11.4 script - it works, there are no error messages, only

the successful one "Your file has been uploaded."


But there is no file in the destination folder. I use your line of code:

if (move_uploaded_file ($_FILES['the_file']['tmp_name'], "C:\Main\uploads{$_FILES['the_file']['name']}")) {

I have xampp and I created a folder outside xampp as you can see - I have all the permissions.

I tried everything and still no file.


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Thanks, Larry. Thank you too for writing this book - I very much appreciate the clear explanations and examples.

Sometimes I get confused - for example in this very Chapter it took me some time to work

out that making a new directory in fact means making a new subdirectory in a directory I was supposed

to create beforehand.

Thanks for your patience.

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