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Database Restore Using Pdo

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Hi Larry,


As mentioned elsewhere, I am upgrading all my database actions to PDO.


I use the PHP scripts for database backup and restore which you have provided - they are very useful and have served me well.


I have upgraded the database backup to PDO no worries but now I'm coming to the restore.


The PDO "inserts" will need to handle a variable number of fields of varying/unknown data types. Are there any 'best practices' for this type of PDO INSERT / field binding?


Looking forward to your advice and thank you in anticipation,



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Hi Larry,


I experimented a bit and the following process worked for me:


Loop through the row returned from the .doc file for the table in question and create the query inserting an un-named placeholder (?) for every data item - thus it will create an un-named placeholder for each data item - you don't need to know how many up front.

Then loop through the row again binding each data item to a numerical count of the placeholder - I found that all the data items are strings so I used the PDO::PARAM_STR constant in every bind.

The second foreach loop needs to declare the data_item with a preceding & pass by reference otherwise the binds don't work properly.


There may be better ways but this worked for me (after numerous trials and errors)!



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