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C Static Structs

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Hi All,

Im trying to solve a problem with C struct.
This is the structure of the struct in header file that is 'included':

struct plantbl {
char max_harmonic[9];
char max_power_of_t;
signed char *arg_tbl;
double *lon_tbl;
double *lat_tbl;
double *rad_tbl;
double distance;

To use this struct, the current code is in this format:

static struct plantbl FAR mer404 = {
{ 11, 14, 10, 11, 4, 5, 2, 0, 0,},

However the above code produces this error:

/Users/bliss/Documents/iPhone_Programming/My XCode 4.1 Apps/SwissTest/swemptab.c:1091: error: variable 'mer404' has initializer but incomplete type

FAR btw is a Macro defined as:

# ifndef FAR 
# define FAR
# endif
# define MALLOC malloc 
# define CALLOC calloc 
# define FREE free 
# ifndef FAR
# define FAR far
# endif
# ifdef __BORLANDC__
# include <alloc.h>
# define MALLOC farmalloc 
# define CALLOC farcalloc 
# define FREE farfree 
# else
# define MALLOC _fmalloc
# define CALLOC _fcalloc
# define FREE _ffree
# endif

So anyway...I decide to recode the mer404 to something I thought will be equivalent to the intention of the code above but hopefully does not result in a error...
so I changed the code to:

char placeholder[9] = { 1114101145200,};

static struct plantbl FAR mer404 = {

but I still get the following error:

/Users/bliss/Documents/iPhone_Programming/My XCode 4.1 Apps/SwissTest/swemptab.c:1080: error: variable 'mer404' has initializer but incomplete type

Now I don't understand why this would be happening....I am trying to feed in values to each of the 7 elements/properties of the struct plantabl..........

Can someone enlighten me on what to do to solve this problem please??? Thank you very much.

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So sorry for the delayed reply! This got lost in my browser tabs! Let me know if you still need help with this. I'm going to be away from my keyboard for the next week but, if you still need assistance, I'll get back to you after I'm back online. Apologies again!

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