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Problem With Getimagesize Function In Script 11-4

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This code on line 24 in Script 11-4-images.php



returns the following error message:

Warning:getimagesize(C;/uploadimages/.) failed to open stream.Permission denied in C:/wamp64/www/phpvisual/proj11/myfiles/images.php on line 25.


Warning:getimagesize(C;/uploadimages/.) failed to open stream. No such file or directory in

in C:/wamp64/www/phpvisual/proj11/myfiles/images.php on line 25


My image folder is C:/uploadimages.


It appears that the getimagesize funtcion gets stuck in accessing the images in this folder.


All the images in the folder are correctly listed  as links but when I click any of the links,

show_image.php brings up the following error:

show_image.php?image=mountain.jpg cannot displayed because it contains errors


Any ideas as to why the getimagesize function is not working?


Thank you for your time.

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