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Chapter 7: Advanced SQL and MySQL - Fifth Edition of PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites Visual QuickPro Guide

Page 229 - Table 7.3

It says 


Operator - ~

Meaning - Lowers a ranking if present

Operator: <

Meaning: Decrease a word's importance

I don't understand the difference between lowering importance and lowering ranking. Doesn't decreasing the importance decrease the ranking? Can someone please explain to me the difference between the 2?



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Sorry for the confusion here. It's a subtle difference. Here's what the MySQL manual says:


These two operators are used to change a word's contribution to the relevance value that is assigned to a row. The > operator increases the contribution and the < operator decreases it.



A leading tilde acts as a negation operator, causing the word's contribution to the row's relevance to be negative. This is useful for marking noise words. A row containing such a word is rated lower than others, but is not excluded altogether, as it would be with the- operator.

I guess I'd phrase it as ~ being more impactful than <. 

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