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Is this book still a good option in 2019?

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Just wondering if this book was still a good option for learning advanced PHP (particularly OOP) in 2019?  I've gone through a few of your other books, and I am looking to take my PHP to the next level.... but was concerned since this book is referencing PHP from a few version ago.


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I think so, yes. To me, Larry's books have always been about teaching the fundamentals really well, and then it's up to you to take that knowledge and apply it.

I don't think the fundamentals have changed at all since that book came out. Once you get through the book and understand what it's saying, you can very easily go through all the changes in all subsequent PHP versions and pick them up. The changes are nothing revolutionary.

Once you get through the book, if you want to then focus on something that's most likely to get you a job / help you start a career, I would learn a modern PHP framework that's still very relevant. Laravel instantly pops to mind as I write that.

Good luck!

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