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Which is the best PHP programming project textbook for building dynamic applications

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I have studied php introduction and php advanced object oriented programming, Was able to get my hands on small projects such as building small websites, Buiding forums. I will like to know which project book is the best php project book guide to guide developers on building dynamic applications(such as social media platforms, educational platform, online libraries...etc) using php. Which is the best with detail and straight forward explanation.

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Thanks for your question! You could consider my "Effortless E-commerce" book, which goes through two fairly complete applications. Unfortunately I'm not too familiar with other books that do a similar thing but they may be out there. Good luck with your further studies!

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Thank you Mr. Larry! I look forward to your effortless e-commerce book. I most say i like the way you put the explanation in your books, that's one of the reasons i decided to ask this question in this forum.

Yours sincerely, 


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