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Page 181 Question..

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Hi Larry, great book so far. I'm going through it at the moment and correcting the found mistakes before proceeding.


Here: http://www.larryullman.com/books/modern-javascript-develop-and-design/errata/


It mentions on page 181 that there is an error where the capital 't' in getTimezoneOffset() should not be capitalized in the 1st paragraph. Well, there are 2 other instances of getTimezoneOffset() on the page also....so should the capital 't' be there as well? If so why single out the 1st paragraph and not mention all 3?


The other error on page 181 mentioned doesn't make sense to me either because there is no missing 'new' for: var now = new Date(); on the page*. Could you explain that better since I don't see where the new is missing.


*in other words I don't see var now = Date(); without the new.




Edit: Did you mean capital 'z' instead of capital 't'?

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