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echo $c2=count($array2);

foreach($array2 as $k=>$v)

if($array2 < $c2)


foreach($array2 as $k=>$v)

{ echo $k . ' ' . $v . "<br/>"; }


echo $k . ' ' . $v . "<br/>"; }


// i have a problem 

//NOTICE: array to string conversion on the last line


// i need solution ????????????????????????????????? :wub: 
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A bigger problem is that your code kind of doesn't make any sense. Initial thoughts...


- Your $array2 design isn't appropriate. You should create each person as a separate subarray, with "name", "age", and "gender" indexes for each.

- You echo the assignment of count() to $c2. This is not the same as printing the value of $c2.

- count() only gives you the number of items in the main array, so it'll be 3 in your situation. If you add two more names and ages (the way you have it), the count will still be 3.

- Your IF conditional checks of a multidimensional array is less than the count of that array. This doesn't work or make sense.

- You do two foreach loops on the same array, which is unnecessary and buggy.

- You print out $k and $v twice, which is unnecessary and buggy.


I gather you're just learning, but the NOTICE is the least of the problems. You need to rethink the logic of what you're trying to do here.

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I think this would be a better start, wouldn't you, Antonio?


$persons = array(
      array("name" => "Laith", "age" => 20, "gender" => "male"), // person 1
      array("name" => "Raad", "age" => 30, "gender" => "male"), // person 2
      array("name" => "Hamid", "age" => 40, "gender" => "male"), // person 3


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