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Webmatrix Adds Php To The Path

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Reading through the Yii book, and I came across the section about adding PHP.exe to the Path.

I have installed Microsoft Webmatrix. It runs PHP on IIS. So my path already contains:

C:\Program Files\iis express\PHP\v5.3

As far as I know, there would be no reason why Yii would not work with Webmatrix and IIS. But I don't to waste time finding out now!


I want to use Uniform Server for working with the Yii book. It uses www for the web root framework, rather than the htdocs that XAMPP uses, but everything else should work the same.

Anyway, the path there is



There is no point in adding this location to Path. If I add it before the IIS php, it will probably break Webmatrix. And if I add it after, it will never get called.

So I guess I'm stuck using the absolute path of the Uniserver PHP?






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Maybe, but you're probably only going to call PHP directly once or twice, at least when you first get going.

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