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What Can One Do With The Knowledge Learned In This Book?

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I'm curious what one should be capable of creating after going through this book?


For example, I think one should be able to:


1. Create forms such as for contact forms, registration forms, etc

2. Create simple calculators (pg 274) such as mortgage loan calculator, interest calculation, etc.

3. Storing data in a database from a form.

4. Create reusable blocks of code to speed up devel time (functions ch. 10)

5. Random # generation

6. Formatting data / numbers

7. Create a basic template website (header, footer, sidebar)

8. Using Cookies/Sessions for better user experience



What else am I missing here?


What else can we "make" with the knowledge in this book?



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1) You can create secure sites.

2) You can use regular expressions.

3) You can use a little JavaScript.

4) You can create login scripts.

5) You can create message boards.


Essentially, you can make any site that doesn't involve a lot of JS.

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Guest Deleted

Looking through the contents of this book, everything seems basic and simple, so I say you could build almost anything that doesn't require you to know much beyond the basics. A lot of games are simple to make. With the book, and a little help from the forum, you could probably make:


-dice games
-card games
-scrambled word games



A lot of games are as simple or complex as you want to make them. A game could seriously be as simple as a page you visit that rolls a random number. If the roll, is, say, 7 you win, and if it's anything else, you lost. Every time you refresh the page, you play again. You could make the game more complex, by, for instance, making it remember the score each time you refresh and adding to the new score to your current score. When you reach 100 it could say "You won the jackpot!" or something, I don't know, it's up to your imagination, lol :)

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Also, if I were you and you haven't already purchased the book, I would get Larry's PHP & MySQL book instead.


I did buy that book, as well as the PHP Advanced book (I'm serious about learing PHP!!).


I already read the PHP & MySQL book and will be going through a second pass of the book to perform all the tutorials this time (I like to read the books first to understand the concepts and then go back through and actually do the coding.


Once I get through the next book I'll probably be asking the same question as far as "what should one be able to make after reading this second book."

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If I get through the PHP Advanced book before you do, I'll be happy to give suggestions on it too :)


LOL... I probably wont be done with the 2nd book for 2 more months, and the advanced book will probably take me until the end of the year I'm guesing!!! 

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