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Alternative To .Htaccess And Mod_Rewrite

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Hi Larry,


First of all this Effortless E-Commerce has been very helpful in my understanding of build e-commerce sites. I truly feel it is the best resource out there on the subject. I am new to PHP and MySQL, and your books have helped me learn in a short period of time.


My question has to do with .htaccess and mod_rewrite. I am using Yahoo Small Business as a host (for now), but they do not allow .htaccess. I know it would be easier for me to change hosting services, but I cannot at the moment, so I need to find a way around this problem.


You stated on page 175 under the Tips sidebar that 'If you can’t use mod_rewrite on your server, just skip this section and change every URL in the HTML files accordingly.' Where exactly would I change these URLs? Is there an alternative to this similar to the alternatives for the stored procedures? Thank you in advance.


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What I think he means is that you have to change all the URLs to the actual URLs.

So for example, instead of maybe using a URL like the following:



You need to use a less appealing URL that links directly to the page with the right parameter(s) like the following:



Does that make sense?

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