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Libary Files Missing From Tutorial Files?

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I am new to programming but have a relatively sound computer knowledge and background. My employer has recently asked me if I would like to become familiar with Flex. We have one Flex programmer in our midst and he would like me to become a bit of an 'understudy' for him.


Armed with the book and a version of Flash Builder 4.6 I have started to work my way through the basics but have hit an early snag - I have dowloaded the tutorial Zip files but upon unzipping and trying to us them they appear to have no 'lib' folders included. I get an error in the Problems tab that says "Unable to open HelloAir/libs" - When I look in the Chapter One folder under HelloAir I see no lib folder.


Am I doing something wrong or is my understanding incorrect?  


Please appreciate I am very new to this so accept my appologies if this is a silly question to ask.


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Thanks for the interest in the book. I appreciate it. As for your problems, first I'd say that it looks like you might be using the "Adobe AIR" book scripts, because I don't think there's a "HelloAir" example in the Flex book. So I'd check that you've downloaded the right code first.


Second, in the Flex scripts download, I did not include all the code for each project. FB creates a ton of folders and code for each new project. I didn't think it was necessary to distribute all that in the downloadable file, so I just include the code that's particular for each example. You can just create a new project and then add the specific code accordingly.

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