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Storing Sessions In Database Query

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I am having problems understanding just how to use this. On page 84 there is a diagram showing the procedural flow.


I can successfully create the session and load some data into it.  A check of the database table shows that the data is correctly loaded.


The problem that I am having is retrieving that data in a separate PHP script.  The comment on the bottom of the diagram says that every time that a session is started the 'open' and 'read' functions are called. 


How do I 'see' what is in the session in the second script, i.e., one that gets invoked after the session is initially created?


If I do a if (empty($_SESSION)) (after the 'session_start()') it tests as empty?


If I do a get_defined_vars(), again after the 'session_start()', it shows that the session is empty?


My environment is:

. Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
. Internet Explorer 10
. Firefox 22.0
. Dreamweaver CS5 as the text editor

. XAMPP for Windows 1.8.3 which comprises:

.. Apache 2.4.4

.. PHP 5.5.3

.. MySQL 5.6.11

.. phpMyAdmin 4.0.


Any help will be most appreciated.


Thanks, Necuima

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OK, found what I was doing wrong.


I probably didn't read Larry's notes closely enough.


In a nutshell, I interpreted the 'session_start()' literally (Figure 3.4 - the 'some other script'). What I needed to do was to include the db_sessions.inc.php file which starts the session anyway.


Posted here in case it may help someone else!


Cheers from Oz, Necuima.

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