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Suggestion: Parameter Binding Information In Databases Chapters


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Love the book.  As I put more of it into practical use, I would love to make suggestions on how it can be improved.  


The parameter binding section in the databases chapter is excellent!  However, it would be nice to inform people that Yii has Active Record functions that handle parameter binding for you such as findbyattributes.  


I churned on this for a few hours while I was trying to use parameter binding with the findbyattributes function.  Thankfully, someone in the yii chatroom informed me that I was trying to "double bind" because Yii has this issue covered in some functions through findbyattributes or findbypk.


I appreciated you raising awareness of the issue but it would be nice to know how Yii has some cool ways to handle it without resorting to parameter binding in a find() or findAll() method.




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