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Display Multiple Images In Cdetailview


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I have been surfing all day and can not find the topic, how to display multiple images in CDetailView.

My situation are as follows:

  1. I have uploaded multiple images, the image jpg files stored in /images/doc directory.
  2. I have entried path to the images in a cell, means the cell contain three filenames with comma separated: abc.jpg, xyz.jpg, abaca.jpg.

I wanna to display the link in CDetailView which clickable to open the image in new tab browser.


I have tried with this script:


                    'name'=>'File Link',
                    'value'=>CHtml::link($model->bukti, Yii::getPathOfAlias('webroot').'/images/doc/'.implode(',', array($model->bukti))),


but the result is not as I expected, when I click the link  unrecognized opened by the browser.


I expect result like this:



File Link : abc.jpg


                abaca.jpg <== each must be clickable to the location of the image




I hope you could assist me to solve this problem.


Kind regards,



Maman Hermansyah


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