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Gii/giix Model And Crud


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Concerning Chapter 4, Generating Code with Gii (p. 69ff):


In the tip at the end of the chapter (p. 76), you mention ways to customize Gii. This would be a great place to mention the Giix extension which you do describe later in your book.


I use giix exclusively, and am extremely pleased. I find that I'm often tweaking table schema during development, and giix allows me to regenerate the base model without touching the model code that I write.


Another item worth mentioning with respect to Giix: Here are a couple of low-impact ways to override the base model functions.


Example 1. To add to the base rules, without copying the entire set of rules:


    public function rules() {        $rules = parent::rules();        $rules[] = array('filename', 'file',                          'allowEmpty' => false,                          'types' => 'csv',                         'wrongType' => 'The load file must be .csv',                         );        return $rules;    }

With the above, you can regenerate the base model class with giix, and not have to re-edit your rules() method.


Example 2. Tweak one of the attribute labels. Again, this allows you to tweak a single label without copying the entire attributeLabels() method, and therefore not having to edit anything if you re-generate the base model class:


    public function attributeLabels() {        $labels = parent::attributeLabels();        $labels['filename'] = Yii::t('app', 'Load File');        return $labels;    }


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