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Check If A String Contains No Spaces

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Quote [page 413 - Character Classes... ]:



3. Check if a string contains no spaces. The \S character class shortcut will match non-white space characters. To make sure that the entire string contains no spaces, use the caret and the dollar sign: ^\S$. If you don’t use those, then all the pattern is confirming is that the subject contains at least one non-space character.


But, ^\S$ does not check if a string contains no spaces, it only checks if a string is a non-white space character, right?



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Yes, that is correct.


One thing the quote above does not clarify is whether we are talking about a "space" or any whitespace character. \s refers to any whitespace character, not just a space.


A better way to check if a string contains one or more spaces is:

str.indexOf(' ') !== -1;

That's the most efficient way. You can also use the following regex if you want, although it's not necessary in this case:

/ /.test(str);

You can also modify the regex above to check for any whitespace characters:


That answer your concerns?

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