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On page 368 MySQL second edition

when i write this script out and send it through the browser ...


Warning mysqli_fetch array() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given /file/string/file/string


I have gone into the PHP web site and type in mysqli_fetch_array to look at the syntax and the page i am directed to shows, mysqli_result::fetch_array


and the calls in the PHP manual page for mysqli_result::fetch_array are the same as in the script in the book.

$query = SELECT etc

$r or result = mysqli_query($link, $query);

The warning in the browser is from this line of the script in the book

list($num_records) = mysqli_fetch_array($result, MYSQLI_NUM);
if i reconstruct the call to:

list ($num_records = mysqli_fetch_array($result, MYSQLI_NUM));

the warning`s change to one warning:

syntax error, unexpected '=' expecting ',' or ')'

if i use a , the results are fatal error: cannot use function return value in write context.

and if a remove the , and close ) the list() call:
Parse error, syntax error, unexpected mysql_fetch_array expexting '='

and then its back to parameter 1 expecting to be mysql_result, boolean given.  


I also added the script from the PHP manual


and it works as a stand alone when called by the browser,


Does any one have any suggestions

Thank you.

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Very likely your query is invalid, thus causing that error down the line.

I would execute your query directly on the DB and make sure it's okay.

Also try echoing the query string out to the screen to make sure it's what you're expecting.

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