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How To Use Join In Cgridview

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Hello guys, how are you ?
I have three tables "A", "B" and "C", all the tables have 'name' fields, now I am saving the "B" and "C"'s table data in table "A" such that I am changing the field display property using javascript and can save both the tables i.e. "B" and "C" data in either field. Now In "A"'s admin gridview I want to display both fields data that I have stored in "A" table and it displays the ids of all those records. Now I want to display the 'name' of the records of "B" and "C"'s tables instead of their ids. So how can I do this ?

One option is to use Joins and Unions. But I don't have that concept.

Please anyone who knows the solution help me ?

Thanks in advance. 

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I don't recall the exact syntax offhand, but you can use the defined relation to have Yii load this for you. Basically, instead of specifying that you want property `something` from table A (i.e., the current model), you'd request `relationName.otherTableColumn`. 

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Thanks Larry for your reply.

Actually I have to fields and two models data, and I am switching the fields and in both the fields both models data can be saved. 

So when in cgridview, I want to display that two fields data, then I want to display the name fields data instead of id. Now in both of fields, both models data is saved, so how can I classify that data regarding to their model ?

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