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Data Is Resubmitted After Page Refresh

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i think i found the problem. this problem occur because i use the same page to submit a form  by using this code

  } elseif ($values === 'POST') {

so when i do refresh the page it will resubmit the form. i read some book and found that to prevent this to happen is by using HTTP redirect. but i wonder is it any other effective way to prevent this beside using HTTP redirect.

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As far as I know, this is the intended behavior and most sites implement things this way.

Granted, you could do a redirect, but that will make your code more complex and it seems like you're fighting intended and well-known behavior at that point.


If you click on the URL bar and hit enter, it'll reload the page without posting the form.

What I can't understand is if you're concerned about this for testing purposes or if you are concerned about your end users.

In other words, what's the problem?

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I'm just afraid if my client which have a slow connection or have connection is interrupted they will refresh the pages. it will cause the data will be resubmitted. I can't say to them to click on URL and hit enter. I know that jQuery will solve this, but what is the trick for PHP if I only use PHP.

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I've seen a lot of sites that put disclaimers near the submit button that say something like the following:

"After clicking Submit, please wait a few moments and please do not click the Back button or close your browser."


Beyond that, what can you do?

At this point in the history of the Internet though, I think that people with slow connections have learned not to hit the Back button, etc. when the submit a form.

And if they do hit Refresh or the Back button, what are you going to do if it's PHP only?

There really is nothing.


I guess my point is, you can only prevent idiots from hurting themselves to a certain point.

Beyond that, it's not your concern.

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