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How To Create One Pager (Parallex) Website In Yii.

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One pagers or parallax websites are long HTML documents, with multiple sections, and then CSS and JavaScript for flash.To create one in Yii, you'd just need to output a view with all the right HTML, and apply the right CSS and JavaScript. 

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thanks larry for your reply.

I have already the one pager theme. But how can I layout it. as we have to show all the models data on the same page. and also if any form insertion then it would be done on that page.

also how can I set the navbar url path for different sections of the page i.e. how to write the code in createUrl() method for different ids of the section of the page.

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You're just rending a single page, so you'll need to pass along all the model instances needed by the entire page. And the action method would need to be able to handle any forms that might be submitted. To set the path/URLs, just add the corresponding anchors as a parameter when generating URLs.

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