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If a user is surfing your website, how is the best way to get a users two letter country code e.g "US" if we don't know where they are located?


I found the following options so far:








My website will require numerous API requests for this info so i am looking for a sensible solution.



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Thanks for the fast response.


I need such a request for such a page like eBay has for example




This is their listings page. If i know where a user is from by either locating their country or using their signed in account info, i could add data to item listings specific to them for example if the seller offered international shipping or had free shipping available. There also has to be a buffer just incase i can't find their location and then I could just provide default data for a particular item.


I really need the country to be picked up so it will work with my PHP script before the javascript even loads so i can perform specific page rendering.


Obviously if i do have to trigger an API request i wouldn't want to repeat it everytime the page had to be reloaded, so I would either need to issue the user with a Cookie or possibly save the IP's country from the proceeding API request to the database to later act as a IP country look up table.


Also i am unsure of what you mean by this? (If they're not (i.e., most desktop PCs), you can approximate their location by their IP address.) How can i find a users country via a IP address, i would need a lookup table or have to make a API request but from where exactly?

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Yes, for an IP address lookup, you would either need to hit up an API (the preferred option, since it's always up to date) or have a database for referencing.

Here's one such API you could use for IP address lookups:



The rest of what you need all sounds like business logic for your site and is pretty straightforward, so I'll let you handle all of that.

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