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Quickform2 Installation Solution!

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I thought I'd take 5 minutes to share this thinking that if it saves 1 person the 6 hours that it took me to find this solution then it's been worth my 5 minutes!


I use windows 7 / xampp / php 5.5.11 and my computer and pear are not friends. Pear rarely installs anything correctly. When I ran 'pear install HTML_QuickForm2' from the cmd tool it just gave me a QuickForm2 folder which contained a bunch of other empty folders. Here's how I fixed it


1. I deleted this folder and downloaded the HTML_QuickForm2-2.0.2.tgz from the pear website.


2. I extracted this using 7zip. This gave the following folders: data, docs, HTML, tests. (It also gave me a package.xml file which I completely ignored).


3. I put the contents from HTML in c:/xampp/php/pear/HTML


4. I put the contents of tests in c:/xampp/php/pear/tests


5. In the data folder there is a quickform.css file - I placed this in c:/xampp/php/pear/HTML/CSS


6. In the data folder there is also a js folder - I placed this in c:/xampp/php/pear/HTML/Javascript


It might not be perfect but it has worked for the chapter 9 example.



As a side note I also discovered that, for the add_page.php script, you don't actually need to use addElement() and then specify the type. There are addTextarea() and addSubmit() area methods.


Hope this helps someone!



Cheers for the great work Larry!



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@fingers mant MNAY thanks. Took 10 mins instead of two days for me I suspect.


A couple of tiny points. On my XAMPP installation at least, the directory is Testing not test an edit might help some dense sod like me. Also I did wonder if the title might not mention XAMPP otherwise other poor souls might wander in here all hopeful.


Thanks a million

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