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Getting Error At Elasticsearch


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Hello Everyone,
I have implemented the chapter 22 "CREATING A CMS" as exactly as explained in the book. I have done all the setup for elastic search that is:
- downloaded elasticsearch and run from terminal
- install from composer
- take the search controller from github source
- added the view files
- changed the code of index.php file as instruction
I can see the search box in the URL http://localhost/%5BPROJECT_NAME%5D/index.php/search.The probelm is when I search any word i.e. "alice", I am getting error like:

{"error":"IndexMissingException[[pages] missing]","status":404}

Can someone tell me why I am getting this error?

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I have just run the "create" method and now I do not get this error. But search result does not work properly that is I have the content like "alice" in the database in the title of a page but it gives that "0 Record(s) Found Searching for "Alice""


However, many thanks Larry for your answer.

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