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Cms Database Example "user" Problem


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Just bought the Yii book and am working my way through it. On page 79, it refers to the Yii User model and says:


"for now, rename models/User.php as models/Useroriginal.php so you can revisit that code later."


After doing that and using the Gii model and controller generators, I get the error below when I go to any page. I think that perhaps renaming the User.php file has a side effect. If I change the name from Useroriginal.php back to User.php, the error goes away.


PHP Warning – yii\base\ErrorException

include(M:\RCD\Clients - Active\yii2_basic_test\vendor\yiisoft\yii2/web/User.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

1. in M:\RCD\Clients - Active\yii2_basic_test\vendor\yiisoft\yii2\BaseYii.php at line 288
Line 279: } elseif (strpos($className, '\\') !== false) {
$classFile = static::getAlias('@' . str_replace('\\', '/', $className) . '.php', false);
if ($classFile === false || !is_file($classFile)) {
} else {

Line 288: include($classFile);

if (YII_DEBUG && !class_exists($className, false) && !interface_exists($className, false) && !trait_exists($className, false)) {
throw new UnknownClassException("Unable to find '$className' in file: $classFile. Namespace missing?");
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