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Is There An Errata Page?


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Is there, or shouldn't there be, a place to post potential Errata for the Yii2 book? I've stumbled across a few things here and there and don't see them mentioned in the forum. For instance, on page 684 (as of the PDF versioin I have which I just dowloaded) there are references to the "protected/views/site/pages/company" path. But the Yii2 book and the documentation specify that the "protected" folder has been eliminated.This just leads to confusion in what can be an already-confusing quest for a MVC and Yii noobie.


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You could post your information here or send Larry an email directly.  The idea of having an ebook that is released in multiple stages is that the mistakes you find, can be corrected in the next release.


Everyone benefits.



Ok I'll quote what the current version says toward the end the Static Pages section( page 208 in my PDF, page 122 in my nook: "“You can also create a nested directory structure. For example, say you wanted to have a series of static files about the company, stored within the views/site/pages/company directory. To refer to those files, just prepend the value of $_GET['view'] with "company/": /site/page/view/company/board would display the protected/views/site/pages/company/board.php page.”. Since the yii 2 docs say they've eliminated the 'protected' directory, I'm confused why it's referenced here. Just wanted to bring attention to it.
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